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Raise Money with a Talk-Show

Raising Money (Live Shows)

Before embarking on the fundraising journey, begin by asking a few questions.

1. What’s the story?

2. Why should people support it?

3. How will we share the story with the world?

4. What will we do when the world knows our story?

#3 is where Lake Labs develops a creative strategy with video, mobile apps, and social media to share this story with the world. But we won’t leave them hanging. The follow-up and post-event communications strategy is just as important. Keep in touch with your new audience by staying in the mix with updates, videos, and relavent information to keep donors and supporters aware of what their hard-earned money is doing.

Some fundraisers are large banquets, golf tournaments, etc. Spice it up a little with a live, David Letterman style production. Can we do that? Yes we can. You supply the talent, we’ll do the rest – and live-stream it to the web, too! Of course, this takes months to plan, so call us to get started, or we will help any church or ministry produce for a very, very low cost!