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Lake Labs is a product of the combined vision of two entrepreneurs with the same dreams.

Our core philosophy is to deliver compelling, small business, non-profit and Christ-centered content using the most influential platforms of today and tomorrow. Today, those platforms include the Internet and mobile devices. We believe that by producing personalized story-lines and plots into an organizations branding, advertising, and marketing strategy it builds loyalty and true, raving fans on any social or media network. This is accomplished with a strategic content building strategy using video, printed text, pictures, and mobile games or applications.

On their second date, Founder’s, Paul and Dayna Herndon realized their dreams collided as they discussed this future venture, now called Lake Labs. Read about them, below:


Paul Herndon – Bio

The one-word description given to Paul in many circles, is “connected”. Paul’s passion is to facilitate connections, build bridges between ideas, and improve out-dated processes. He is also passionate about his wife and three children, Kenli (14), Kamron (9), Kai (almost 2), and a new little boy “in the oven”… tweet Paul with some good “K” names. Paul enjoys serving his church community, Terra Verde Community Church, and inviting people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If you know Paul, he is also not shy about his passion for Entrepreneurship:

Entrepreneurship is a PASSION:
Entrepreneur Alumni Association (Wolff Center Alumni), Founding President: non-profit organization focusing on bridging the gap between education and business, bringing tools and resources to new graduates in entrepreneurship.
2012: #1 Ranked Entrepreneurship Program in the US.


Dayna Herndon – Bio

As a former Legal and Executive Search Consultant and new media start-up entrepreneur (Local Reach/Purpose Media International), Dayna put aside the business professional attire for several years to spend time with their 3 children and husband, Paul Herndon. “Success is defined in so many different ways for each individual, mine is when work is as fun as every other area of my life” she says.

The end result of nearly 4 years as a stay-at-home taught her more about business and people than did the previous 12 years in the business community. At the age of 22, she opened an independent staffing and recruiting agency with one client, but never had a bachelors degree. In 2012, she accomplished that goal with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Technology from the University of Phoenix.

“Business is all about communications. Now, the medium for communications is digital, and that strategy is what Lake Labs re-creates for our clients”.

To learn more about Dayna, and her family, find her on Facebook and, follow her tweets on Twitter.